5P at WOEC


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5P went to WOEC on Wednesday 20th September, making memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some quotes from the intrepid adventurers:

“When we were sailing, we all had a go at steering the boat. It was very tricky. We went on a motorboat, as well. We were allowed to swim off the motorboat; we saw tiny fish. The sailing was really fun. The best part of the sailing session was seeing the Waverley sailing out to sea.” Ava Van Deurs Goss

“Kayaking was really fun! We did a warm-up on the beach and they showed us how to hold our paddles properly. We did a kayaking version of Stuck in the Mud, and follow Colin – the instructor. When we were in big groups, it was hard to stay straight.  At the end, we all had the chance to capsize on purpose. Some people went all the way around!” Isabel Hurrell

“Climbing was really fun, both on the inside climbing wall and on the fantastic outside wall. We could even hang high on the outside one. I was like a spider climbing up there! It was the best trip ever!” Joshua Neal

“When we went tunnelling, we had to follow the footprints of animals. Elisha and I kept getting lost and scared by the boys.  It was great fun wearing the torches on our helmets. Next, we went to the Escape Room – we had to find clues to escape the jail. It was the best school trip ever!” Anna Parkes