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7th March 2018
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9th March 2018
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Saltmine Theatre Company


On Tuesday 6th March, children from KS1 and KS2 were entertained by the Saltmine Theatre Company, who performed their play In Their Shoes. The children were drawn into a battle of the Spots versus the Stripes, cheering and chanting for the race between them to begin. The story conveyed the message of ‘Being a good neighbour’, regardless of how you look, what leisure activities you pursue, your size, your beliefs or where you come from. Both the children and staff thought it was brilliant!

Year 5 were also invited to take part in a workshop following the play. The children were able to ask questions of the characters in their role, to explore the reasons for their behaviour and their reactions to the different situations they found themselves in. Throughout the story, British Values were addressed, and the children discussed how these values are a part of our everyday life, helping to make our country a safe, peaceful and harmonious place to live.

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