Learning at Home

Learning at Home

There are always times when children are sadly unable to attend school, perhaps this year more than ever. If they are unwell, we wish them a speedy recovery and we look forward to them returning to school as soon as possible; they are not expected to do work at home if they are poorly, and can focus on feeling better.

However, children may be at home yet still be well enough to work – for example, they may be isolating; a family member may be unwell; they could recovering from a bug; or they may have an injury which still leaves them well enough to work. If this is the case, they are expected to complete some home learning activities and send these to their class teacher.

When a parent contacts the office to say their child is unable to attend school, but is well enough to keep working, the office will send them a letter detailing what they should do next. A copy of the letter is given here. The home learning packs below can be downloaded and printed at home, or copied off the screen onto plain paper, or you can request a printed pack via the school office. They can do Set A the first week they are off, Set B the second week and so on. Further links underneath the home learning packs provide a wide range of extra opportunities.

Most children will do the work for their current year group, but if you feel it is more appropriate they can do the work from the year below or above.

Please encourage the children to complete 4 activities a day, focusing mainly on maths, English and reading. Photographing work or emailing the teacher daily will help to motivate the children. The teacher email addresses are the word ‘class’ + the class name followed by @radipole.dorset.sch.uk (for example, class3b@radipole.dorset.sch.uk or class4p@radipole.dorset.sch.uk). We hope that they can return to school ready to join their class with the minimum of disruption.

Please do remember that teachers will be working full time in school so may not be as available or as quick to respond as we were during the lock down; please bear with us. For an urgent message, please copy in the office@radipole.dorset.sch.uk address or phone the school directly.

Thank you for your support. Please contact the office with any queries.

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