WOEC trip
30th September 2019
Year 2 Trip to Kingston Maurward
9th October 2019
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What’s My Line?

We have been working with Primary Futures for the last few years to look at how we can raise aspirations by helping younger children understand the link between learning and their futures.

Key Stage 2 had five visitors in assembly this week. The children then had the task of asking yes or no questions to try and guess what the visitors did for a job. The children asked fantastic questions and were able to guess some of the jobs that visitors did. However, some jobs (like engineer) were a little harder to guess.

We look forward to welcoming another group of visitors to assembly next half term and hope the opportunity to meet people and talk about their careers and training will help inspire the children and raise their aspirations even higher.

Thank you to all the visitors from Primary Futures who gave up their time to attend the assembly.

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