Year 1/2 – Learning at Home Tuesday 24th March

Year 5/6 – Learning at Home Tuesday 24th March
24th March 2020
Reception – Learning at Home Tuesday 24th March
24th March 2020
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Year 1/2 – Learning at Home Tuesday 24th March


  1. Paula Coleman says:

    Alissia has done maths colouring sheets adding and taking away and colouring answers with the right colours. She has done some writing asking her family questions. She has done some reading. Art shortly and we have decided we are going to learn sign language to. Thank you for the videos so helpful. Busy bee she has been, incrediably proud.

  2. Kate Moore says:

    Thank You Mrs Mutch, Megan loved this!!!!

    • Mrs Mutch says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Thank you for emailing me some of your work, it was lovely to see what you have been doing.

  3. harrison r-j says:

    to mis is mutch i liced your video from harrison rj

  4. Toni James says:

    Thank you Mrs Mutch – Harrison joined in with all the phonics at double the speed, I was amazed! Think we’ll watch this most days till I’ve learnt them 😉

  5. Sam Parker says:

    This is great, we had a concentration issue today so seeing you really helped. He joined in with the phonics and is now doing Lego number sentences!

  6. Sam Parker says:

    This was needed today, we struggled to concentrate.

    He’s just sat down and done some number sentences!

    Harrison says “I love you, you and Mrs Hilton are the best teachers.”

  7. Carly says:

    Thank you Mrs Mutch for such a lovely video Amélie and Rufus really enjoyed seeing you. We loved doing the phonics. We have been enjoying the sunshine outside this afternoon after a morning of writing, mathletics and dance and yoga. We look forward to another video soon. Stay safe and well.

    • Mrs Mutch says:

      Well done Amelie! It was lovely to see some of your work you emailed to me. Enjoy the rest of the videos and the sunshine.

  8. Chloe Fulbrook says:

    Thank you mrs mutch. Noah!

    • Mrs Mutch says:

      I’m glad you are enjoying the videos. Do email if you would like to share anything you have been doing or have any questions (

  9. Vicki Leonard says:

    Bethany really enjoyed this and has been practicing her phonics daily. We are living with family in Wiltshire for a while so Bethany gets over an acre of private gated land to play on each day so loads of sun shine and outdoors PE.
    Nothing beats being with her friends though as we talk about them many times a day as well as her teachers, she misses you all a great deal. Keep safe and we will keep watching.

    • Mrs Mutch says:

      Hello Bethany

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video and have lots of opportunity to go outside in the sunshine. Do keep in touch via the class email if you have any more questions or want to show me what you have been doing.

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