Year 3/4 – Learning at Home Thursday 26th March

Reception – Learning at Home Wednesday 25th March
25th March 2020
Year 1/2 – Learning at Home Thursday 26th March
26th March 2020
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Year 3/4 – Learning at Home Thursday 26th March

Here is today’s video, and below is Miss Charlesworth reading the next chapter of the Year 4 book ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’.


  1. Max Dyer says:

    Hi Miss Charlesworth,

    I’ve done two puzzles, flags of the world, and the map of the world, lots of Maths, and PE with Joe Wicks every day.
    Today we’re going to do some English.
    Thank you for reading to us. Hope you’re ok.

    From Max

    • Miss Charlesworth says:

      Sounds excellent Max, hopefully Ivy has been enjoying having you home as well!
      If you want to send any of it over ( I would love to see all the work you’ve been getting up to.

      Hope you’re all good and enjoying the sun.

      Miss Charlesworth

  2. Victoria Keenan says:

    Thank you Mrs House, I am going to play Twinkle Twinkle on my violin. i have the music already.
    I am also going to have ago at measuring things around my house,
    Victoria Keenan

  3. Sion Lorincz says:

    Hi Miss Charlesworth,

    I hope you are very well and you are healthy.
    Thank you very much for your videos and hard work, they are very helpful!!
    We are working really hard with my dad.

    From Sion

    • Miss Charlesworth says:

      Well done Sion, keep up the fantastic work!
      If there is anything you want to sond me then send it to
      I’d really love to see all of your brilliant work so far.

      Hope you’re enjoying the sun and are all well.

      Miss Charlesworth

  4. Rani Dhanji says:

    I love the video, Mrs House. I’ll practice measurements.

  5. Lucas Walker says:

    Hi Miss Charlesworth, hope you are well and I loved your videos. I have done lots of times table rockstars. I have also made a song up to twinkle twinkle little star. I will video it ok.


    From Lucas xxx

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