Year 3/4 – Learning at Home Wednesday 25th March

Year 5/6 – Learning at Home Wednesday 25th March
25th March 2020
Year 1/2 – Learning at Home Wednesday 25th March
25th March 2020
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Year 3/4 – Learning at Home Wednesday 25th March

Mrs Price has read the next chapter of Fing – the class book.


  1. Rani Dhanji says:

    I loved it, Mrs Price. Rani

  2. Henry says:

    Hey Miss Charlesworth,
    Hope you are well and your family are Ive done lots of mathletics a whole page of it.
    I have written my whole story about my dream house. can i email it to you.
    and i have been on my rope swing it was good fun.
    and i have read every day aboutmy brother is a superhero still havent finished it yet.
    hope to see you soon
    from Henry

    • Miss Charlesworth says:

      Yes please Henry! I’d love to read about your dream house, send it over
      Miss Charlesworth

      • Henry says:

        hey Miss Charlesworth i dont really know how to send the story if you could tell me how then i could, anyway im going to do mathletics then im going to do the story about an old clock im looking forward to see what you’ve done when the coranavirus is over but we might be in year 5 then but i think we will still see your work.


        • Miss Charlesworth says:

          Well you could send a picture of it to my email address if that’s easier? Or if you can’t do that then keep all your work together and I will have a look when we get back to school and then I can show you my work as well.
          I’m very much hoping that I will see all your faces before you move to year 5.

          Keep going with all your work and if you can work out how to send your work then I would love to keep updated with it all.
          The email address is

          Miss Charlesworth

  3. Louise Pike says:

    Hello Mrs Price from Amelia.
    She loved listening to the next chapter of the book.
    Amelia is getting on really well with the task set.
    She hopes you are well and looks forward to when she can get back to school

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