Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Would you like to learn the ukelele? Or maybe learn basketball? Or even create amazing stone age jewelry?  These are just a few of the exciting opportunities our children are able to experience during their time in year 3.

The children in year 3 are ready to immerse themselves in our jammed-packed curriculum, where they can develop their academic and social skills to become confident, independent learners.

The teaching team are passionate about learning, constantly looking for ways to bring the curriculum to life for our children and aim to inspire each child to do their best and follow their dreams.

Mrs Ireland, Mrs Price, Mrs House, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Woolrich are there to ensure that learning is fun and the children make the best progress they can throughout the year.

Year 3 Teaching Team

Year 3
Mrs Karen Ireland
Mrs Tamasine Price
Mrs Sally House
Mrs Janet Hunter TA
Mrs Sally Woolrich - TA

Year 3 Curriculum

Autumn Term

Stone Age to Iron Age



Isambard Kingdom Brunel

French Fortnight

Christmas Tradition

Spring Term

Anglo-Saxons and Scots – Britain’s Settlements

Animal Nutrition and Skeletons



Jurassic Coast

Summer Term


The Lost Thing – designer Shaun Tan

Arts Week


Andy Warhol

All About Me

Literacy Study

Year 3 Links

Useful Information