Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4, where we will be going on many exciting and inspiring learning journeys together. We cover a wide range of topics which include learning all about Australia and finding out what life was like during the Stone Age and Anglo Saxon times.

We know there will be new  challenges and experiences along the way; such as learning to play table tennis, creating amazing things during Arts Week and becoming more independent learners.

For many children the highlight of the year is the residential trip to Leeson House.  We believe that it is important to work hard, but just as equally important to have fun and be creative.

Miss Charlesworth, Miss Hardy, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Beale are on hand to help you along the way and guide you towards developing your learning skills and independent thinking.

Year 4 Teaching Team

Year 4
Miss Nikki Charlesworth
Miss Sophie Hardy
Mrs Sandra Beale - TA
Mrs Kate Jackson - TA

Year 4 Curriculum

Autumn Term

Stone Age to Iron Age



Isambard Kingdom Brunel

French Fortnight

Christmas Traditions

Spring Term

Anglo Saxons and Scots – Britain’s Settlements

Teeth and Digestion



Jurassic Coast – Leeson House

Summer Term

States of Matter

The Lost Thing – designer Shaun Tan

Arts Week

Habitats and Living Things

Andy Warhol

Literacy Study

Year 4 Links

Useful Information