Year 5 don’t like cricket…they love it!

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1st February 2019
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4th March 2019
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Year 5 don’t like cricket…they love it!

Year 5 started the new half term with a buzz of excitement. The students began cricket coaching with Sean, and what a start!

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the students started off their session with an old favourite: Head, Shoulders, Knees and… cones! This warm up activity was to get the children’s brains and muscles working in harmony. The aim of the first lesson was to develop good catching skills, whilst also developing their team work.  The final part of the session was a game that introduced the idea of making runs in cricket. One team had to continuously throw the ball 30 times, without dropping it, while the other team had to run between the two wickets. It got very tense towards the end of the lesson! 

And the fun just keeps on coming: on Friday 1st March we will be visiting Wey Valley, where we will take part in the annual orienteering festival. It’s great to be in Year 5!

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