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11th November 2015
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12th November 2015
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Local Food Links


We are very proud to at Radipole School to serve over 250 Hot school lunches a day.  These wonderful meals come from Local Food Links based in Bridport.

The History of Local Food Links

Local Food Links was established in 1999 by the West Dorset Food and Land Trust, a registered charity and local community organisation, to run Farmer’s Markets and other food initiatives. These initiatives included Bridport Food Festival, the Grow It, Cook It, Eat It Project, cookery workshops and NVQ training in Catering for young people.

We also set up a hot meals service for schools and nurseries operating from the kitchen at our newly established Centre for Local Food. This was a major evolution in school meal catering, which today is dominated by industrial scale contract caterers that supply schools across the UK.

Local Food Links today

Local Food Links now focuses mainly on our school meals service. Our kitchens in Bridport and Blandford provide freshly prepared meals daily to over 30 schools and nurseries. We also run a mini-hub kitchen at Dorchester Middle School that also supplies The Prince of Wales school, and a new on-site kitchen in Shillingstone that supplies five other schools.

Healthy food is essential for learning…but we make it good fun too. We choose our menus to be a balance of tasty and healthy dishes and a nice treat for pudding – ‘Lush, lush, lush!’ as lots of the children say. Yours will soon be asking, ‘What’s for lunch today mum?’

5 a dayHealthy body & mind

Schools have told us that children are often better behaved, calmer and concentrate more after they’ve had our cooked lunches. Obviously children need nutritious food to grow and learn, but we also find that they like eating with their friends, and will try new foods with them that they may not try at home.

It keeps them warm

On a cold day, a hot meal is much better than a sandwich and a bag of crisps.

It keeps them going

A good cooked lunch gives children the fuel not only for the afternoon’s learning, but also for after-school clubs – and it saves you having to load them up with snacks when school ends.

Healthy school

As well as the benefits for the children, our lunches are good for the whole school. Better behaved and engaged children make lessons more effective and easier for teachers. A proper lunch makes children more sociable. And we think food education is a really vital part of every child’s learning.

LFL LogoConvenient, and free for Key Stage 1 children

When your child has our lunches, you know that they’re getting a proper meal…without you having to cook it, or pack a lunchbox in the morning. It also takes the pressure off you to cook a big meal in the evening. If your child is Key Stage 1 (that’s Reception, Year 1 & 2) they’ll get our lunches for free. If your child is in Year 3 or above, you could be eligible for means-tested free school meals.



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